A Snapshot of the Vast Diversity Within the LGBTQ Community

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Whenever the LGBTQ community is the subject of conversation, many people often think of this demographic as a monolithic bloc. But not unlike other demographics, the LGBTQ population is a diverse mosaic encompassing people of different racial, ethnic, religious, gender, socioeconomic, education, and political backgrounds. And while the acronym LGBTQ is designed to categorize this demographic under a concise banner, it should not be mistaken as a one-size-fits-all identification.

One size certainly does not fit all when it comes to LGBTQ real estate. The diversity of this demographic requires a full understanding of many different needs from prospective LGBTQ home buyers and sellers.

For starters, the needs of prospective LGBTQ home buyers seeking property in urban centers with a visibly vibrant LGBTQ presence are quite different from those looking into suburban or rural areas where rainbow flags are not plentiful and many local residents may not be entirely welcoming. Not surprisingly, many LGBTQRealEstatePros.com member realtors and brokers have stated their clients overwhelmingly cite safety as a primary concern when coming into a new neighborhood.

For households with either LGTBQ parents or open LGBTQ children, there is the added concern of the local school systems – specifically, are these households looking to move into areas where the schools may not be welcoming to LGBTQ youth – particularly transgender youth – and their parents? Again, LGBTQ real estate professionals are cognizant of this crucial consideration, and the agents and broker members of LGBTQRealEstatePros.com frequently get inquiries from prospective clients on this matter.

As for people of color within the LGBTQ spectrum, there is the added question of buying property in areas where a diverse population is limited. Will they feel welcome and happy in their community?

Of course, the home buying process encompasses multiple stakeholders, and recent surveys of LGBTQ buyers have found agitation over the potential for discrimination in the various aspects of this process. LGBTQ realtors are connected to and can refer to their clients appraisers, lenders, insurers, title agents and other stakeholders who can guarantee the buyers will be treated with  respect.

In regard to LGBTQ home sellers, there is the double concern of finding the right buyer for the property and securing a new location. Since many sellers seek to move into areas far from their current homes, LGTBQRealEstatePros.com is used to locate agents and brokers within both their current and future communities.

It should be stressed that there are many allied cisgendered real estate professionals who work successfully with LGBTQ buyers and sellers. Nonetheless, many LGBTQ buyers and sellers feel more comfortable working with those from within their community and proactively seek them out for their real estate needs. And as more LGBTQ individuals come into the housing market, LGBTQ real estate professionals are ready to ensure they will enjoy their chance to experience the American Dream of homeownership.

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