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Connecting LGBTQ Home Buyers, Sellers & Real Estate Pros since 2007

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Benefits of a Pro

Having a pro will make your home search, purchase and move go smoothly.


Locate Top LGBTQ & Allied Real Estate Agents in your city. Whether you’re buying or selling, we’re your advocates.


Our LGBTQ & Allied Mortgage Professional members will evaluate your finances, find competitive interest rates, and negotiate the best terms.

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LGBTQ & Allied Real Estate Agents are your advocates and understand your goals and unique elements of your transaction.

  • “My first year as a member I closed 6 transactions from LGBTQ Real Estate Pros. Three were consumers who found me on this website and three were member referrals. I love this organization!”

    Tim Hur
    Tim Hur Atlanta, Georgia - Member since 2015
  • “I enjoy working with the LGBT community and each year I am amazed at the amount of business I receive from LGBTQ Real Estate Pros. One year I closed 7 transactions from my membership.”

    Cindy Hamann
    Cindy Hamann Houston, Texas - Member since 2013
  • “Each year I close an average of 2-3 transactions from LGBTQ Real Estate Pros. In addition to business, I love the advocacy accomplishments of the organization and am proud to be a founding member.”

    Denny Horner
    Denny Horner Washington, DC - Member since 2007
  • “The site works! Since joining LGBTQ Real Estate Pros in August 2006, I continue to close 2-3 sales each year from my marketing with your website.
    Keep up the great work.”

    Cindy Smith
    Cindy Smith Tracy, CA - Member since 2006
  • “I’m a member of LGBTQ Real Estate Pros for over 15 years, and each year I’m impressed with the results. On average I close 2-3 deals per year from my ad. A recent client turned into a great friendship and that’s one of my favorite parts of being on the site. I couldn’t say enough great things about it! Here’s to another profitable year!”

    Nicholas Yale
    Nicholas Yale Phoenix, AZ - Member since 2004
  • “I joined LGBTQ Real Estate Pros in December of 2007. I market on most of the gay and lesbian real estate sites, and LGBTQ Real Estate Pros is the site I receive the majority of my LGBT referrals from. Thank you, and best wishes for the new year!”

    Mark Banham
    Mark Banham Santa Fe, NM - Member since 2007
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