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An exciting New Year Success message to increase your LGBTQ business.

From Jeff Berger, the nations #1 expert in LGBTQ real estate marketing:

In 2004 I had a vision for LGBT equality in real estate and began  Since its inception, the site has generated Billions of dollars in sales for Realtors and never charges a referral fee.

In 2007 I had another vision and created Since its inception, the site has generated Billions of dollars in sales for Realtors, never charges a referral fee, and has achieved numerous achievements for LGBT fair housing.

15 years later it’s 2022 and due to the  high demand for LGBTQ real estate marketing, I’m thrilled to announce today the launch of my newest vision along with a marketing campaign to bring Billions of dollars of real estate sales to members and increase LGBTQ homeownership.

The LGBTQ market is near and dear to my heart and I’m glad to share I’m starting this initiative with contribution to you! Because of our existing business relationship, your 2022 ad on is inclusive with your 2022 marketing package from our other sites. To clarify, your profile is presently live on and no ad fee is required in 2022. No action is required from you except to serve LGBTQ buyers, sellers, and agents who visit the site seeking a referral partner.

Going forward January 15, 2023 annual rate for realtors is an annual introductory rate of $149, other professionals $99, and sponsors $349. In 2024 the annual renewal rate for realtors is $199, other professionals $99, and sponsors $399. The site will never charge a referral fee.

If you prefer to opt out of this offer, simply email and ask us to remove you from the site. This offer is not transferrable.


1) When I want to update my profile do I have to update the sites individually?

No, simply update your profile and our new database system will refresh your other profile(s) within 2-3 business days. This includes ratings and reviews.

2) Is there a facebook group for the new site?

No is independently owned and operated by Suburban Marketing, a for profit Florida corporation owned by Jeff Berger.

Thank you,
Jeff Berger

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