Review for Richard Martin by Israel C

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I was so fortunate to have met Richard Martin in Palm Springs, California. As my Realtor he helped me find the right homes, he was so patient with me every step of the way. After acquiring several properties, Richard advised me to start thinking about selling my investment properties because he could see the 2007 Real Estate downslide. Well, I thought about it for two months, Richard once again informed me to sell and gave me the reasons and showed me the graphs of how much money I would lose if I did not sell soon. I agreed to sell my investments and thank god I did! After my last property closed escrow, within ten day property prices dropped like a rock. My neighbors were losing their homes or were underwater. Impressed with how, Richard represented me in every transaction and looked out for my best financial interest. I highly recommend Richard to anyone who is looking for the perfect property in the best neighborhood.

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