Review for Meda Thompson by Mary A

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It was a comforting moment to find Meda in the middle of a pandemic to help us make a big decision on home buying. We were on the fence as to if it was time for us to buy. Meda gave 100% of her energy into helping us make that decision. She helped us find financing to pre-qualify, gave us extensive information on area sales and area market trends, showed us numerous homes that she found for us and that met our needs, and always treated us with respect and patience knowing we may not actually make a purchase at this time. Being I am a person with a significant mobility challenge, Meda was cautious to find homes that would most likely meet my needs as well as offered useful information on renovations to make things work for me. She even brought me a walker to look at one home when I forgot mine. We held off on a purchase but will soon be ready and Meda is the only one we will trust.
Update 3-25-23: Last October, Meda reached out to say she found us a possible good fit for a home. A brand new home! And it turned out to be perfect! It was a new home not yet built.
Due to the loss of my partner just before closing, every thing needed to be done over. Meda did not blink and eye and went right to work bringing this to be a reality. She respected how difficult this was for me and took over so many things to be certain this sale happened. My new home is a perfect fit that I would have never found on my own. I am so thankful Meda and I crossed paths. The outcome could have been much different without her.

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