Review for MARGARET STEINER by Lara B

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If you are buying or selling a home, I highly recommend you call Margaret Steiner. There were moments we experienced during the sale and purchase of our homes when things got a little stressful. I am so grateful I had Margaret representing me. She did the job of two realtors when the others weren’t knowledgeable enough to execute the sale. She consistently monitored the various players such as the lenders, inspectors, appraisers, and title agents. Margaret has a cool, calm demeanor but a tenacious approach to handling business. I felt secure every step of the way, knowing she was handling the details. With her guidance, we made a generous profit on the sale of our property and purchased $11,000 below the appraised value of our new home. She was there when I called and available when I needed her. She is our official family realtor; both my parents sold properties with Margaret and were as equally pleased.

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