Review for Jenny Pham by Brad Y

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Jenny and Jordan were both exceptional real estate agents that I will definitely recommend to all my friends and family. They were very thorough and detailed with the step by step process of becoming a homeowner. They both took the time out of their busy schedules to meet my wife and I when we had questions. They went above and beyond especially when my wife and I were having problems with Territorial Savings, who was a nightmare to work with; having lost our paperwork numerous times. My wife and I could have lost the home we really wanted because the lender lost our paperwork causing a delay in the escrow process. Thanks to their relentless work ethics and effective communication skills, we were able to resolve the problem and was able to close on the house of our dreams. They exemplify the true meaning of going above and beyond and delivering exceptional quality service with aloha. They made my wife and I feel like we were like family and they had our backs 100%.

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