Review for Dustan Carpenter by Robert M

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My experience with Dustan Carpenter, the realtor who facilitated my purchase of a home in Key West, Florida, is the best realtor experience I have ever had –- and this is after purchasing seven homes, all over the world. Dustan‘s ability to listen and comprehend what I communicated to him in terms of my wants and needs was remarkable. For example, after the first day of showing four houses, Dustan dropped two houses from the next days schedule because he knew those properties did not fit my needs. I have had other brokers do the opposite — in the hopes that I might change my mind, or that some (but not all) of the prospective properties answered my preferences, or that I might be beguiled by something quite different from my original thinking on the house I wanted. The process of actually purchasing the house and negotiating the contract price with the sellers was an anguished one. For reasons beyond Dustan‘s control, there were a variety of serious hiccups that threatened the deal. Dustan remained calm and reassuring throughout, including fielding emails and text messages at 3:30 AM. Other realtors could’ve easily said, “This can wait until the morning,“ but Dustan knew the interpersonal dynamics on our side (buyers) of the deal and, with great sensitivity, made sure that communications were orderly and fast, and most important, calm and objective. Dustan‘s follow-up was equally remarkable. There were several items in the house that I really wanted to buy and Dustan ensured that I received these pieces, going way beyond the call of duty in asking the right people and paving the way to my securing these momentos that I will cherish forever. Throughout the whole process, Dustan remained cheerful, positive, optimistic, and provided a steadying hand to what would have been an extremely rocky purchase process.

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