Review for Cindy Binder by Rupen E

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Cindy Binder is really exceptional! Cindy is very different than most real estate agents

in that she is very honest and very direct – my experience with her was excellent, i felt

she always had foremost my interests in mind – that in itself is very unusual.

Cindy promised me that she could bring me a buyer quickly and within only 3 weeks

we were already in negotiations… I was very satisfied.

She is very professional and thorough – i felt protected and in good hands – and she

really helped me throughout the whole transaction process.

I can only say that she is my “go to” person in anything concerning real estate, as i feel

she has the knowledge, the experience and also the integrity – which is hard to find in this market

in that unique combination. i am gratefull and absolutely give her the highest marks!

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