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This is a review for Phillip Belenky, and just as importantly, the team he has assembled to not only help you find a home but also to navigate the myriad of documents, sign-offs, negotiations and inspections along the way. The teams organizational skills are apparent from the first meeting on, with him taking notes on your opinions and feelings about particular homes he presents you with to focus on what you are looking for and what the deal breakers are.

Once we selected a target property, he kept us constantly updated on what to expect on the process and when we needed to pay attention to our email boxes to reply to correspondence or answer questions. Phillip and team were constantly positioning us to be in the best position to acquire the property. Getting financing in today’s market can be tough but he was 8 parts fixer, 1 part guidance counselor and 1 part emotional therapist. The level of effort the team put in was truly exceptional. Prior to working with Phillip, we had no idea how much of a difference choosing the right realtor could be on your experience, odds of winning and limiting any bumps in the road that might arise. We would give him 6 out of 5 stars for our family’s experience.

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