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I found Chris Herbst (and his partner Rob) on this site and am so glad to offer a review here for others. Chris is an exceptional partner and I offer my highest recommendation without reservations. Here are 8 ways that Chris was a great partner for my process. (1) He knows St. Pete well and has great insights with regard to neighborhoods, structures, and the market – after we met just once, he suggested 2 areas would be a great match for me and would be in my price range, and he was 100% right. (2) He is patient and positive – when we would see a house and it wasn’t what I hoped for given the listing and photos, he was so great about just looking forward and onto the next! (3) He is flexible – I had an interesting search with 3 potential outcomes at 3 different price points, and he graciously worked on all 3 with me to help increase the odds of a successful process. (4) He is very even-keeled; this can be a stressful process, and his steady demeanor reduces that stress. (5) He is funny with a wry sense of humor, and that made the process more fun. (6) He was clear that these were my decisions to make and was quick with information and discussion while letting me come to my own conclusions – he is a great thought partner! (7) A few times when I was off course, he leaned in to help me course correct, usually by referencing a previous property or conversation, and he was spot on. And one last one (8) – in the end I got a great property that is so terrific for me at a price that feels like a very good buy. In short, hire Chris! I am so glad that I did.

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