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When my wife and I started contemplating a move from Montana to Albany, NY, I went to, found Lorenzo, and emailed him. He got back to me right away, and over the next half year or so his staff kept in touch to stay up to date on how our plans were developing. When the move date got closer, Lorenzo met with us for more than an hour over Zoom to explain to us the buying process, which is actually different in the East than in the West. He also reviewed some online listings with us so we could get a sense of the Albany market and he could get a sense of what we were looking for – and he did this all without asking us to sign a contract first. Once we arrived in Albany and got a temporary apartment Lorenzo stopped by at 5:30 one evening so we could meet in person and talk about some of the current listings. There was one we really liked and he took us to see it that night. We fell in love with it, and he helped us put together an offer that was within our budget but designed to be super attractive to the sellers. We submitted the offer the next day and it was accepted within hours. I can’t promise that Lorenzo will be able to get everyone the home of their dreams within 24 hours (and six months) the way he did for us, but I can report that he and his team were always available (but never pushy) and really helped make the entire buying process easy. I would recommend Lorenzo and his team to anyone looking to buy a house, whether or not they already lived in the area he covers, but I would especially recommend him to folks who may be moving from far away – a long-distance move can be an ordeal from start to finish, but he and his team helped make our arrival in our new home all we had hoped for and more.

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