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“She looks through the eyes of many. ” …

Alia has made this home buying purchase our best yet. She truly listened and understood our vision. She was not selling a home she was trying to make us understand a lifestyle.

We had our first lifestyle consultation over coffee at a home she picked out on the market. She used the first home to try to understand where me and my partner where coming from. Our must haves and our must nots. Alia has a very welcoming and understanding tone and is extremely knowledgeable not only about the Portland market but also about Portland home architecture.

“Stand back , pause .. breath … and look at the house before you go in.. ” Alia made us very educated buyers. We would stand back breath and take a look at the house. From the roof to the sighting she didn’t miss a beat!

Alia has been in the game a long time. She is a heavy hitter when it comes to closing on a home. I gave my full trust in her that all the decisions she made would be nothing but the best and they were ! WE GOT EVERYTHING WE WANTED AND THEN SOME ! All because of Alia !

Alia is very attentive and quick when it comes to communication. If it’s not you talking directly to her, you will be talking to her right hand lady in the office. Never did I feel like my questions comments or concerns were unheard of not answered in a timely fashion.

With her bright attitude and love for what she does.. why go anywhere else ? Talking with Alia you will know that this is truly what she was put on this earth to do !

Will be sending all of our clients / friends / family to SCOUT ! #Scoutpdx

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