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I wanted to take a few minutes to share how amazing it has been working with Alex and Derek. First, I spoke to Alex before my husband and I had even chosen Denver as our city of choice. We were looking to move from our 27 year home in Austin, Texas to a state with friendlier laws that fit our family better. Alex and Derek took almost an hour of their time to talk about our needs and expectations, knowing it was highly unlikely that they’d ever hear from me again! But I promised that if we chose Denver, they would they would be our guys.

About two months later the time had come!! My husband had gotten a job in nearby Lafayette, gotten a rental home, had our daughter enrolled in school, and had explored the area. Alex and Derek bolted into action. (They were never actually out of action, as they had sent possible listings for us from the first time we spoke.) Within a week, we found the house for us. We placed a fast, reasonable offer and, after finding out there was another offer, rebid. The next day, we were told we had been outbid.

BUT—the owner of the property had talked to someone she knew about her situation and a miracle happened! The people she spoke to knew Alex and Derek personally and, based on their reputation alone, she decided to go with us after all!!

So, here I sit, in Austin, Texas, recovering from a spinal fusion, while my husband and and children are settling into our new place, trying to get it ready before I get the ok from my doctor to fly to my new home.

I can’t say enough about Alex and Derek. They sent us links to dozens of homes and, when the time was right, took my husband to over ten properties, in less than a week! They never lost contact with us and, as a result, we found the most beautiful home in nearby Broomfield, CO!

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