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A social interview by Darla Michelsen

Lynn Wunsch is a Realtor serving Denver and the surrounding areas

Lynn Wunsch was an information technology consultant for a small national firm before starting her career as a Real Estate Professional in the Metro Denver and Boulder area for 14 years. With a BA in English and journalism and Master’s degree in Public Administration, out of college she worked for a non- profit community action agency.

Lynn‘s father was in construction and always suggested she owned Real Estate but was fearful of the commission only and thought she may starve to death. But after leaving the IT world she decided to see if she would in deed starve but she says she seems to eat ok and is successful in her decision to make Real Estate her career.

Darla Michelsen: What is the biggest benefit that you offer your clients?
Lynn Wunsch: My value system and work ethic as well as having a consulting background. I consult with each client to understand what the goals are in buying or selling and its very important that these objectives are met and the client are getting want they want. I would never do a deal with any client that I wouldn’t do for myself. I’m very focused on growing my business through referrals and you only get that when you are treating people with the highest ethical standards, providing superior service and value

DM: What is a social cause you are passionate about?
LW: I’m an active member of the LBGT Chamber of Commerce and passionate about supporting disadvantaged business owners in developing countries and helping to fund some of the small things that make a big difference. I’m a cyclist and like to support people getting bikes and animal causes.

DM: What are 3 things about you that most people wouldn’t know?
LW: Wow that’s a tough one, most wouldn’t know I have a right artificial knee, I come from a long line of thoroughbred race horse people and I’m very shy.

DM: If you could sing one song on American Idol what would it be?
LM: Ha ha .. You got me! “I want to bang on the drum all day”
DM: Who sings that?
LW: I have no idea Ha Ha
LW: Todd Rundgren .. I think

DM: What is your Super Power?
LW: Empathy
DM: I love that Lynn

DM: What is your Kryptonite?
LW: Anything unethical, I don’t like to see people treated unfairly.

DM: What is your go to comfort food?
LW: Baked Potatoes!! LOADED

DM: What do you hope people are saying about you when you leave the room?
LW: I totally trust her and she’s awesome

DM: If you could do any other job in the world besides being a Rock Star Real Estate agent what would it be?
LW: Taking people on guided bike tours in Europe

DM: Who would you like to shadow on the job?
LW: Anthony Robbins I believe he has got it in regards to life and business and what business is really about.

Lynn is such a genuine person and a Denver Real Estate agent in my own neighborhood. She would be a pleasure to work with her as your agent and I look forward to meeting her someday.

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